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Unplugged - Rubén Vilagrand - World wide shipping included

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Unplugged is an entirely new concept, One routine... or many more, you choose!!

Dear Friends: 

After years of working this routine master magician Rubén Vilagrand has finally decided to share his creation with the magic community. 

Ruben has a passion for magic with ropes, with this trick he applies his knowledge to something new and fresh, the result is an original routine with electrical plugs! 


A cable over 10 meters long with a plug two meters from one end.
Exposure: The magician unplugs the cable to display the mechanism and then repeats.
First phase: The magician slides the plug about 2 meters, dropping it by gravity until it stops at the point where it can be unplugged with complete freedom. The magician then unplugs the cable showing both parts of the plug held only by the cable. Second phase: repeat the action, plug it in and slide the plug once more ,this time accompanying it with the hand to the next point that is another 2 meters away, then unplug just one last time.
Final phase: The magician ties the rope roughly in the center, leaving the plugs loose and without a connection (whilst still holding the cable away from the loop). The magicians mouth is then used to remove the center with the plugs, leaving on one side the free cable and on the other the plugs opposite to as they were at the beginning and joined by the cable. 

"Thanks to Pavel for inspiring me" 


- Easy to perform
- Packs to a very small size. In a small bag you have a routine fit for small rooms to large stages.
- An extremely original and versatile routine. On stage Rubén Vilagrand attaches the trick to a vintage transistor radio but the plug can easily be attached to any electrical apparatus. The possibilities of this trick are endless !!! (A bulb, lamp, loudspeaker, a robot or even an electric saw for a jaw dropping trick.
- It isn't a just rope routine, just inspired by rope routines!!!!! Unless you can do Pavel's "Walking Knot" you can include it in your repertoire without worrying, even if you do other string routines.
- An exceptional trick of the highest quality, designed exclusively for "Unplugged"
- Guaranteed (see conditions inside the box) Every trick is checked by hand before shipping. 


• More than 10 meters of cable-rope prepared for the 3 phases of the game 

• Male and female plugs
• Embroidered transport bag • Warranty card
• Numbered edition